10 Reasons Why LVT Flooring is Better Than Ceramic Tile?

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As technology advances, everything is being replaced with better versions. In the same way, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)is taking the place of Ceramic tiles in a good way. The popularity of Vinyl tiles in the flooring industry is increasing with every passing day. People are loving this material for many reasons. 

What is LVT Flooring?

These tiles are made up of vinyl which is why their manufacturing cost is low without compromising their quality. The LVT flooring is primarily composed of multiple layers of vinyl that are compressed together. These tiles replicate the look of natural wood and stone styles. These tiles have a vast amount of styles and color options. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai

10 Reasons: Why LVT is Better than Ceramic Tile

Let’s discuss the main point of this article about 10 reasons why LVT flooring is better than ceramic tiles. Here we have listed the 10 main reasons for LVT’s goodness or you can say it is LVT flooring versus ceramic flooring. Have a look at these reasons:

1. Durability 

Ceramic tile is made of clay and scratch resistant too! but not as strong as vinyl flooring. LVT is known for its durability and resistance to wear, scratches, and dents. The protective top layer helps shield the floor from daily wear and tear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Ceramic tiles can be breakable under the load of heavy material.

2. Cost Friendly

Unlike other flooring products such as ceramic tile, the LVTs are more affordable and cost-friendly. Without making any compromise to its quality the LVT flooring comes with low cost. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly yet visually appealing flooring solution.

3. Fast and Easy Installation

LVT flooring is available in various installation formats, including glue-down, click-lock, and loose lay. This versatility makes it suitable for different installation preferences and skill levels. Other flooring products (ceramic, stone, or wood) need more time and a team of professionals to get fit.

The LVTs can easily stick on the floor in one try, in this way, the installation of vinyl tiles is much quicker and simpler as compared to those we have talked about..

4. Easy to Remove

The ceramic tile once installed cannot be removed easily and can be a difficult task to do on the other hand, if you use LVT Flooring then it’s an easy task to remove them. If you are a person who wants a floor which can be replaced easily when wanted, then luxury vinyl tiles are a perfect fit for you because of their easily removable ability.

Ceramic Tiles Are Not Easy to Remove

5. Appearance and Design Options

As I mentioned, the luxury vinyl tiles have versatile design and color options. So, you don’t have a few choices to make! you can find a better design option for your home. The ceramic tiles have many options for color and designs but not more than LVT. 

6. Comfortable Underfoot

The ceramic and other flooring tiles make you feel hard like you are standing on a hill unlike this with luxury vinyl tiles, you will feel like you’re standing on a soft floor. This makes it a comfortable choice for those places where people stay for extended periods.

7. Sound Proof

Everyone hates noise and some people have serious issues with sound. When walking on ceramic tiles it makes a loud noise, while the 2mm thickness of vinyl tiles makes it quieter than other tiles. This thickness plays a vital role in reducing noise. These tiles can play a crucial role in hospitals and other related places.

8. Long Lasting

The vinyl tiles have a much longer life than other flooring tiles. These tiles have upheld their high performance for years. According to manufacturers, these tiles can last up to 25-30 years, making them a better choice.

9. Water Resistance

Some flooring tiles are not water-resistance and that’s a big problem for homeowners, but vinyl tiles are water resistant while some are completely waterproof. A low cost with this advantage makes it a strong choice to consider.

10. Environmental Effect

Luxury vinyl tiles are environmentally friendly since they are water-resistant; you can even use them in rainy places. LVTs are compatible with underfloor heating, these tiles have an impressive ability to conduct heat through the floor. 

Final Verdict

We have discovered the 10 reasons why LVT flooring is better than ceramic tiles. The new technologies are changing the world, so people should also give a try to new products. As you can see LVT flooring has dozens of benefits with less burden on your pockets and a reasonable alternative to those expensive flooring products such as ceramic tiles. We hope, in this article, we have cleared your doubts with the reasons we have provided. The choice is yours to make, whether you want an expensive ceramic tile with some benefits or you will go for stylish, affordable, and versatile LVT flooring.