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Rubber Flooring in Dubai is a popular type of floor which have a variety of settings. This type of flooring is majorly used in gyms, field houses, and weight rooms, but it is also gaining popularity in homes and commercial buildings.

Rubber flooring In Dubai
Rubber flooring Dubai
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We Offer the Best Durable and Resilient Rubber Flooring in Dubai

Rubber floors are supported by strong foot traffic and are also water-resistant, as a result, leakages, and humidity will not harm them. The floors’ natural elasticity makes them so durable and resilient. Our rubber matting is popular in gyms and weight rooms because they are excellent at absorbing effects. Rubber floors are primarily used in areas where heavy foot traffic occurs on a daily basis, and commercial areas and gyms are excellent choices for this floor.

With the help of cushion material, our Rubber Flooring Dubai reduces injuries and fatigue while also providing comfort. We offer a wide range of textures and colours, allowing you to find the perfect colour and shade for your interior design. Fill the space with personality by using different colours and patterns, or keep it simple with solid colours. The most common type of rubber floor tile is black, with confetti-like colour flecks throughout.

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Three Types Of Rubber Flooring We Provide

To fully reap the benefits of rubber floors, you must first find the right type, and we offer a variety of options. Our rubber flooring in Dubai is available in our store which is listed below.

  • Rubber Floor Mats: We have rubber floor mats that are extremely adaptable. You can place them on a hard, flat surface to add cushioning or thickness to the area. We have rubber floor mats in a variety of sizes to accommodate any space.
  • Rubber Floor Tiles: Rubber tiles are the most popular flooring option in our store. It is one of the best options for any size, space, or design of the floor. You can also use them to make unique patterns on the floor.
  • Rubber Floor Rolls: Do you have a large area to cover? Our rubber floor rolls can be used. When compared to interlocking tiles, they have fewer seams. They are also cost-effective. These rolls are available in sheets three feet or more wide and up to sixty feet long.

Rubber Flooring: We Offer Backing and Thickness

The thickness is our first priority because it helps in your home gym and other applications. Different outdoor rubber flooring products have varying thicknesses. It is true that the thickness of rubber flooring raises the price; the thicker it is, the more expensive it is. However, it has a long life span and is one of your best flooring investments. Thicker floors are also softer underfoot, absorb sound, and provide better cushioning. When determining the thickness of rubber flooring, consider:

  • Interior rubber floors can be thin because we protected them from harsh weather.
  • For rubber flooring gym thickness, weight training must be a major consideration. As a result, your floor must be strong, long-lasting, and dense enough to with affected-impact activity without breaking, denting, or bending.
  • Thick material is also required in commercial areas and fitness centres that house heavy equipment.
Rubber Flooring
Rubber Flooring
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We Offer Rubber Surface Option

Aside from thickness, we offer a variety of textures and finishes.

Textures: Rubber surfaces can be textured by manufacturers, allowing you to add more character and design to the rubber floor. Dimples, rivets, and studs are some texture options. You can also have intricately textured patterns such as diamond-plate or waffles. It can, however, become slippery when wet, making it unsuitable for wet environments. EPDM rubber surface flooring is our other exclusive rubber floor for playgrounds and sports areas.

Finishes: Rubber flooring Dubai frequently has a delicate matte finish that is suitable for public spaces. However, they can be improved by polishing the floor with a water-soluble adhesive emulsion. It gives the surface a gleaming appearance while also increasing stain resistance and durability.

Rubber Flooring
Rubber Flooring

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