Elegant Parquet Flooring in Dubai

Our parquet flooring in Dubai creates an elegant look with individual wooden blocks arranged in a creative pattern. We provide this flooring in some of the best woods like maple oak, cherry, walnut, and pine. Lvtflooring can transform your place into a heaven that emits sophistication.

Parquet Flooring
Parquet Flooring
Parquet Flooring
Parquet Flooring

Give Your Space a Luxury Look with Our Parquet Flooring Dubai

Our parquet floor creates a 3D deep look that makes a statement of bold style. Our parquet floor is made up of light and neutral colors that will blend perfectly with your place’s vibrant theme. Create a beautiful and luxurious view with our Parquet flooring Dubai unique textures.

Some people also like dark colors of such flooring in offices or living rooms for a formal or warm sophisticated look. Their patterns give your floor a luxury look. We have a versatile range of textures and colors to give your place a contrasting look.

Our Trending Parquet Flooring Designs

Explore Essential Features of Our Parquet Flooring

Our sustainable flooring for your space ensures a stunning and attractive look in your residential or commercial areas. Here are the following beneficial features of our flooring:


We provide highly durable parquet floors. Because of its sturdy nature, it is resistant to temperature, scratches, and moisture and remains perfect for a long lifespan.

Easy to clean

Our parquet flooring in Dubai is designed to ease your cleaning routine. A smooth finish makes it easy to mop and clean to maintain its original beauty for a long time.

Eco friendly

About the environment, our flooring is friendly because we make it with renewable materials that prioritize the sustainability of nature and preserve it for future generations.

Different Patterns of Our Parquet Flooring

Our experts arrange the wooden floor tiles into various patterns to give your place an aesthetic, inviting, formal look. Following are the patterns that we possess:

Herringbone Flooring Dubai


This style has rectangular planks of wood. After cutting, we arrange parquet floor tiles in such a zigzag manner that the end of each plank touches the side of the other -lank. This formation gives the herringbone flooring dimensional stability.

Mosaic Flooring Dubai


Mosaic floor pattern is also known as finger strip parquet. We create this flooring by cutting and assembling small wood strips for panels. These panels can be identical or may differ in shape, size, length, and width.

Basket Weave Flooring Dubai

Basket Weave

Basket weave design is one of our attractive designs of parquet style. We make it with single-color, light-shade wood planks assembled into a pattern resembling a wicker basket style for a classic look.

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We Install Parquet Flooring Dubai With Professional Techniques

Parquet floor tiles in Dubai need to be bonded to the subfloor with adhesives rather than pinned or stopped, which makes it difficult to install correctly in an acceptable way. If you install them by yourself, there will be a high chance of damaging the flooring and making your place look weird and anonymous.

Our trained parquet flooring experts in Dubai know the use of tools and equipment that should be used in the installation. They ensure a precise parquet floor installation in Dubai with a flawless and seamless finish that enhances the aesthetics of your bedrooms, villas, living rooms, offices or outdoors.

Parquet Flooring
Parquet Flooring

Why You Should Choose Us!

Customization Facility

Our team offers customization options that match your furniture color. We ensure personalized and tailored parquet flooring.

Quick Delivery

You don’t need to visit our shop specifically for a purchase. You can place an order online as we provide our clients quick delivery.

Free Samples

Free samples of our parquet flooring in Dubai are available for our customers to ensure the texture selection from our clients.

Wide Range

You can choose different wood species, colors, finishes, and patterns to complement your space perfectly.