10 Things You Should Know Before Installing LVT Flooring?

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Many people want to install LVT flooring in their homes, because of LVT’s durability and affordability which makes it a perfect option for homeowners to consider. Since these tiles are 100% waterproof, you can install LVT Flooring in any wet place such as bathrooms and kitchens. Before installing them, read these 10 things you should know before installing LVT flooring.

Things You Should Know Before Installing LVT Flooring

Installing LVT flooring without having professional skills and knowing instructions can worsen your job. That’s why here we will provide professional guidance and want you to tell the things you should know before installing LVT flooring. The following are things to consider before installing luxury vinyl tiles for home decor:

Things You Should Know Before Installing LVT Flooring

1. Design 

While purchasing luxury vinyl tiles, you need to understand that there are a variety of designs. People love LVTs because of their plenty of natural designs and color options. However, consider buying quality and well-printed vinyl tiles. The LVT tiles with bad quality can give a cheaper look to your rooms. So, make sure to purchase with an expert’s advice. 

2. Look For a Professional

If you are considering installing vinyl tiles without any help from a professional and skilled one, then you’re by mistake! One mistake can cost money and time. So, let a professional flooring service provider do your work for your savings and time.

3. Installing Methods

The common methods for installing LVT flooring include click-lock, glue-down, and loose lay. Each method has its different benefits, the glue-down planks are cheaper to buy but the installation process will cost you and require high skills. On the other hand, the click-lock planks are faster and easier to install, while loose-lay can also be quickly installed. 

If you have to choose between these methods, then which one will you choose? I’ll say glue-down! Due to its durability and long-lasting. These planks can be removed individually in case of damage while other ones can’t bear high traffic and could damage the complete floor while replacing.

Things You Should Know Before Installing LVT Flooring

4. Subfloor Preparation

Before installing your LVT flooring, it’s crucial to prepare the subfloor perfectly. Clean the surface by removing any debris or dirt. A level and clean subfloor provides a stable base for the LVT tiles, it prevents issues like uneven surfaces or premature wear.

5. Moisture Level

The moisture level should be according to the specific criteria. Higher levels can lead to problems like warping. Thus, it is crucial to maintain your moisture level for best results.

6. Foot Traffic and Wear Layer

Consider using a thinner coating of wear layer on the LVT for foot-traffic areas. This can increase the life of your LVT flooring. You can decide the thickness of wear according to the foot traffic of that specific place. 

7. Quality of Underlayment

Make sure to choose the underlayment that meets the specific installation requirements of LVT. A perfect underlayment increases the durability of LVT flooring. In addition, it adds comfort to the floor.

8. Expansion Gaps

Consider expansion gaps around the room parameter. By doing this, you can accommodate the changes in temperature and humidity without affecting the LVT flooring.. 

9. Give Proper Time for Drying

A perfectly done flooring requires around 24 hours to dry, So make sure to not disturb the tiles for this time after installation and also avoid walking on the tiles.

10. Maintenance Requirement

Maintenance is crucial for LVT floors. Different LVTs may have varying cleaning solutions. With the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can preserve the appearance of the LVT flooring for a long period.


In general, LVT flooring is best for giving your home a natural look. The perfectly done LVT flooring will not only give your home a beautiful look but also provide your feet comfort. We are sure that after reading this guide and key points you are well-known about the installation of luxury vinyl tiles.  

Your money is important, so make sure to use it on perfect flooring tiles. The LVT flooring is a profitable investment and this investment can last up to 15-20 years by giving your home an elegant look.