LVT Flooring Offers Aesthetic Appearance To Your Floor

LVT Flooring Dubai is a type of hard surface flooring that can be used in both commercial and residential indoor applications. It can give the appearance of a genuine wood or stone floor in your space.

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Everything You Should Know About LVT Flooring Dubai

LVT is an abbreviation for “Luxury Vinyl Tile.” Luxury vinyl tile flooring is well-known as the choice for commercial designers and industrial fit-outs. LVT floor’s ability to replicate designs to intricate detail is much admired as a robust yet versatile alternative to tile and hardwood flooring.

We provide LVT Flooring Dubai as a cost-effective alternative to displaying the character, look, and grain of wood flooring or the texture and feel of Italian slate tiles accordingly. Homeowners are increasingly interested in the fastest-growing market segment in the flooring industry.

  • LVT is a less expensive alternative to other flooring products, bringing luxury to your home at a lower cost.
  • Cleaning the LVT tile is simple. Because it is durable and protected, you can be a little rough and give it a thorough cleaning.

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Authentic Crafting Of Our LVT Flooring Dubai

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and calcium carbonate are the major components of LVT floor (limestone). Luxury vinyl tile floors are composed of several layers, including a factory-applied urethane top coat that protects against abrasions, scratches, scuffs, and chemicals. A protective vinyl layer that provides durability, a decorative PVC print film that provides design and color, and a resilient vinyl backing are also present.

Our experts will also advise you on where to install LVT Flooring Dubai. Some of our LVT floors have an acoustic backing for added comfort underfoot and sound-dampening properties. They are quick to install and you can install these tiles in places such as hospitals and schools. There are even LVTs specifically designed for seagoing vessels such as cruise ships!

Our LVT Flooring Dubai Installation Process

Our installers provide the best installation service for LVT floors. We take responsibility for checking and balancing your floors during installation. The following are the steps we took during installing LVT Flooring Dubai.

Glue Down:

Also known as “dry back,” this is the most commonly used in commercial applications because of high foot traffic and heavy rolling loads. This installation method requires the use of an adhesive.

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Click Method:

Unlike glue down, the click method requires no adhesives because the planks or tiles are locked together using the tongue and groove locking system on the product’s edges. This allows for a faster and easier installation than gluing down or drying back method.

Rigid Core Click:

These LVT flooring tiles are thicker and more rigid than the tiles used in the click installation method. The rigid core LVT construction improves indentation resistance, dimensional stability, and underfoot comfort.

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Why Are We Suggesting You For LVT Flooring in Dubai?

LVT is more durable than many real wood floors, withstanding daily wear and tear, and it can be easier to maintain than natural stone because it does not require sealing or refinishing. We offer LVT flooring in Dubai that does not require the sealing and maintenance of grout joints like ceramic, porcelain, and stone floors. LVT herringbone flooring is also waterproof, which makes it easier to clean and maintain than genuine wood or laminate flooring. Many people believe LVT is warmer underfoot than genuine wood or stone.

We provide you with luxury vinyl tile flooring that is a cost-effective flooring solution because of its low initial purchase cost and low maintenance costs over its lifetime, resulting in a high return on investment. LVT solutions are simple to install, which saves time and money. We can even install products such as rigid core click over existing hard surface products, saving the mess, time, and money associated with tearing out existing flooring.

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