12 Benefits of Using LVT Flooring

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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is becoming more and more popular in homes because it lasts a long time, is cheap, and is easy to clean. This flooring is great for any room because it can be used in many different ways and has many benefits. Read on to find out 12 benefits of using LVT for your next flooring project.

1. Superior Durability

One of the biggest advantages LVT offers over other flooring types like carpeting or wood is its unmatched durability. Quality LVT flooring is designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic, pet claws, messy spills, and more. Most LVTs have a wear layer to protect against scratches and dents. This type of flooring will maintain its beauty for years before needing to be replaced.

2. Affordable Pricing

While special grades of LVT can fall on the pricier end, in general, LVT is among the most budget-friendly flooring options. The manufacturing process uses fewer natural materials, which reduces production costs. Factors like realistic wood and stone look give the appeal of pricier natural flooring without the hefty expenses.

3. Extensive Style & Design Options

From natural wood appearances to sleek concrete grays, LVT’s color and pattern offerings let homeowners match their unique tastes. New digital printing methods allow for remarkably realistic variations in colors and grains. Consider LVT if you want wood flooring aesthetics like oak or exotic bamboo without budget limits.

4. Comfortable Feel Underfoot

While durable enough for high-traffic areas, LVT also provides more comfortable footing than choices like tile or laminate. The best LVT includes an extra cushion layer for added softness and insulation. It makes LVT a great fit for playrooms, bedrooms, and basement spaces.

5. Sound Dampening Qualities

The layers of this flooring work together to provide superior sound absorption over echo-prone surfaces like concrete subflooring. The floor dampens impact noise from footsteps, moving furniture or toys, and more. It allows peaceful, disruption-free living even in upstairs rooms.

6. Excellent Insulating Properties

Unlike cold natural stone or ceramic materials, LVT includes cushioning layers with naturally insulating properties to keep warmth in. Warmth doesn’t escape easily from below, thanks to LVT’s protective foam underlay. Its added insulation capability helps households reduce energy costs.

7. Easy Repair & Replacement

While designed not to need frequent repairs or replacement, LVT does make maintenance simple if the need arises. The modular planks click together for fast DIY fixes. Unlike flooring options like carpeting or hardwood that may need a full roof replacement, you can address minor LVT damage by swapping out individual planks.

8. Minimal Transition Pieces

Floating installation of interlocking LVT planks means minimal transition pieces between rooms. Other flooring often requires transitions between types or to mark doorways and threshold spaces. Seamless flows between rooms create a sleek, modern appeal. The cohesive look makes spaces appear larger, too.

9. Pet & Kid-Friendly

From muddy paw prints to playroom toy abuse, family life can be tough on floors. LVT stands up well against claws, heavy furniture, messy accidents, and whatever else your home lifestyle may dish out. Keep your floors looking like new for longer, even with kids and animals roaming about.

10. Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial

Unlike carpeting, LVT won’t trap dust, pollen, mold, or bacteria within fibers or padding. Its non-porous surface deters the buildup of allergens and microbes. Many LVT options now include antimicrobial additives for further protection against bacteria growth. It helps households struggling with allergies.

11. Eco-Friendly Choice

Sustainability matters more than ever to consumers. LVT scores points for using recycled materials in production whenever possible. It also lasts longer than alternatives like carpeting that require replacement every 5-10 years on average. Less energy and waste make LVT an environmentally responsible flooring.

12. Waterproof

This is one of the best 12 benefits of using LVT floors in homes and offices. Spills and wet messes happen, especially in busy kitchens and bathrooms. LVT provides waterproof protection, unlike natural materials like hardwood, which can easily be damaged by excess moisture. The dense layers of LVT flooring prevent spills from seeping through and causing harm even over time.

Final Words:

The many performance, style, and installation advantages of LVT explain its recent rise in popularity. This adaptable flooring solution livens up design aesthetics while standing up to real life. With the right LVT choice, homes gain long-lasting, worry-free flooring and are able to handle whatever comes their way. Reach out to flooring specialists in your area to learn more about the best LVT options to meet your household’s wants and needs.